HIV/AIDS in Africa: you can report about one of the greatest challenges today

July 8, 2008 · Print This Article

HIV/AIDS, along with malaria and TB, are three diseases that test the spirit of a continent. While few students are able to travel to Africa to report, by focusing on the work of Non-Governmental Organizations perhaps even one that has a connection to your community, you can tap into sources and do moving stories from your campus.



Ways to localize:

What other college reporters have done:

  • Side by side with Africa by Jillian Smith, Cabrini College Loquitur, tells the story of a person who started a small non-governmental organization that funds small HIV/AIDS projects that might be too small to obtain funding from larger NGOs.
  • Working Miracles in Swaziland by Nicole Osuch and Christine Graf, Cabrini College Loquitur, focuses on a mission run by the same order of religious sisters who sponsor the college. The occasion of the story was the trip to Swaziland by the president, but the focus of the story is the work done by the sisters there. The reporting was based on a phone conversation with one of the sisters in Swaziland.

Photos/other media: The photo for this story was obtained from the NGO, Forgotten Voices. Media Credit: Ryan Keith. Prudence, born with HIV/AIDS, was paralyzed since birth and relied on her brother to carry her everywhere. She has since died from HIV/AIDS.


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